Why choose scroll air compressor?


A scroll compressor actually consists of two scrolls or spirals. One scroll is moving, where as the second one is fixed (attached to the compressor body). The first scroll orbits (rotates) in a path defined by its mating fixed scroll. The orbiting scroll is connected to the compressor’s crankshaft.

As a result of the scroll’s movement, gas pockets are formed between the two scrolls. At the outer part of the scrolls, the pockets suck in gas and then move towards the center of the scroll, where the compressed gas is discharged. As the gas moves into the continuously smaller internal pockets, both its temperature and pressure are increased. Thus a desirable discharge pressure is achieved by the motion of the compressor scrolls.

  • Simpler Design & Lesser Moving Parts

The design of scroll compressors is simple and small because they do not have few moving parts, which results in less vibration as well, as lower vibration which leads them to be more durable.

  • Footprint and Weight

The footprint and weight of the scroll compressor is generally smaller than other types of compressors available nowadays.

  • Improved Durability

Scroll compressors don’t have as many moving parts as other types of compressors, so breakdowns are less likely. They even work better over time. As the scrolls become worn, they fit together better and keep more air from escaping. If you forget to change your air filter, dust, dirt, and other pollutants won’t cause a malfunction as easily as they would with a conventional compressor.

  • Quiet Operation From Scroll Compressors

Since scroll compressors have few moving parts, they’re much quieter than other types. They don’t have any noisy valves, and they produce less vibration. You’ll notice a low hum when your scroll compressor is working, but it won’t be as loud as the sounds from a typical piston or screw compressor.

There are multiple compressor’s air ends installed in the box. If a single air end fails, others can back up and run automatically, without worrying about the supply of compressed air.

The oil-free scroll compressor is a new kind of air compressor developed in recent years. Compared with the traditional air compressor, it has a series of excellent technical performances such as new structure, small in size, light weight, low noise, long service life, stable and continuous gas transmission, easy operation and low maintenance cost, etc. It is praised as “air compressor without maintenance” and “newly reformed air compressor” in the industry and is considered to be the ideal type of air compressor below 80HP.

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